Business Manager Redesign. Meta is doing it AGAIN!

  • Business Manager Redesign. Meta is doing it AGAIN!

    Posted by Community Manager on September 15, 2022 at 10:36 pm

    What’s old is new again folks. Earlier this week we were experiencing several disconnections to Facebook and Instagram from our SMM platforms.

    It’s the new Meta Business Manager redesign most importantly how Pages and Instagram accounts are connected in the Business Manager.

    Assigning assets to users are still there, but you may want to check your Facebook pages Instagram connections have moved and it can cause minor chaos.

    When you try to reconnect to Instagram, you may find that Facebook Page/Instagram pairing is not available when you’re trying to authenticate.

    Here’s the easiest solution

    Without digging into the gory details, once you confirm that your Business Manager user account has the Instagram account as an asset. Simply go to the platform, completely disconnect your original Facebook Page connection, create a brand new connection properly.

    Looks like the API has been updated with backward compatibility that isn’t always “compatible”.



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